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Welcome to Gemma Wellness Medical Spa. Our mission is to help you obtain "self-health"...while still having fun!!  People always ask:"Does it hurt to get your face injected?' or "Is varicose vein reduction painful?" or Does it smell funny when you are lasering off hair?"  The answer to all of these questions (and more) is YES!!  If it didn't hurt a bit, we would wonder if the procedure even worked!  

The more important question should be "Am I worth it?" Yes, you are!  We want you to be happy with who you are, inside and out.  We want you to enjoy life to it's fullest while maintaining physical, mental, and emotional balance.  Taking care of your skin and body is just the beginning!!


Weight loss Program Specials!!!

 Start the year off right with 50% off  our 23 Day and 46 Day Weight Loss Programs!!

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Physician Supervised Weight Loss

We offer the CleanStart hCG Program, which has helped over 65,000 patients lose weight since January 2011.  It is a safe, effective, long-term weight loss program in which patients eat regular, healthy food!  No other weight loss program addresses and corrects the low metabolism, intense hunger, or emotional eating like our hCG program! Click HERE for more information.

Facial Aesthetic Services

Do you want a glowing, radiant look without looking plastic? Your skin deserves to be smooth, soft and younger looking!  It should be free of blemishes and uneven pigmentation.  You can have beautiful looking skin with our services  that fit your life-style and budget! Click HERE for more info.

Laser Hair Removal

Carefree, smooth skin? Yes, please!! We employ state-of-the-art laser technologies to permanently reduce unwanted hair.  Our IPL can be used safely and effectively on all skin types and is FDA approved for permanent hair reduction.  Click HERE for more information.

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